Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Not Happy...

This photo pretty much sums up how I feel
right now. "They" (The MAN...those in charge)
announced yesterday at a town meeting that
the library is moving. It is moving to the
building that holds the Gerbil Gym (the aerobic
exercise gym) and the gym is moving to where
the libary currently is located. I am NOT
happy about this one bit. Yes, the gym will
be closer to the weight gym, but the current
library location is cozy, albeit dark, and
more homey...the gym location is way too bright
and is a refurbished trailer. Plus, 60 square
feet smaller than the current location. Not
a lot, you may say, but when storing books is's a lot. I have the feeling
that decisions are being made by people who
don't even use the library. What troubles me
the most is that the "new" library building is
slated for demolition in the "master plan".
At that point, "they" (The Man) will decide to just
shut down the library...won't that be convenient.
At that time, why do I have the feeling that
Fahrenheit 451 will be the most popular book on


Lynnsie said...

This is very sad news. After all our hard work over the years. RIP

BlackBear said...

This probably is not the best time to mention this, but the "Triangulation" speculative fiction anthology back in the States just opened for submissions. I mention it here on the off chance that you or any of your fellow writers in AQ might want to submit--the theme this year is "End of the Rainbow", and given what's happening to the library...

Lori Murray said...