Sunday, December 20, 2009

Like the Wind

Last week I attended a presentation by a gentleman from NREL
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory) who is down here working
with the Kiwi folks building the wind turbines on Arrival Heights.
I was particularly interested since NREL is located in Golden,
Colorado and we have driven by it many times. He said a lot of
interesting stuff about the turbine project, which I have highlighted
several times here, but I was most interested about what he had to
say about wind power and alternative power in general being
implemented in the United States. I found out that one needs an
almost constant wind velocity of 12-13 mph for wind power to be
effective and also why there isn't a wind farm at my former
working location at Rocky Flats (only 9 mph). He also discussed
solar energy a bit, which was particularly interesting since that
would be our best bet in Grand Junction. Overall, I walked away
with many questions about renewable energy answered and I felt
motivated to implement it in our daily lives.

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