Thursday, December 03, 2009

Making the Move

The move to Pegasus Runway has begun and the
first C-17 since the first week of the season
is landing there. The Ice Runway is officially
closed, meaning no more quick trips to the
runway, and much longer transportation times
for passengers either headed north or south.
This year, both wheeled planes (C-17's) and
skiers (LC-130's) will be landing at Pegasus,
instead of the skiers landing at Williams Field.
This will add even more time to the transport
times to Pole and Field Camps as well. It
should be interesting over the next few
months to see how all this works.


skua76 said...

Tom, so does Williams Field even EXIST this season?

Unknown said...

Hey Bill...Just as an emergency backup. Only the minimum is being done to keep it usable.

Anonymous said...

So is Willy-town all at Pegasus? Galley, NYANG supports, AGE, etc.?

Unknown said...

Pretty much everything is out at Pegasus