Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Last Day...on Days

Today was my last day. Wait, let me clarify
that. For one thing, it's always day here this
time of year. The sun never sets. I also don't
have an illness so it's not THE last day. It's
just my last day on "days". My last day on the
6am to 6pm shift. After 72 hours of transitioning,
(adjusting my sleep patterns 180 degrees) I will
be working from 6pm to 6am. Effectively working
"nights". I enjoy working the night shift as
there are a lot fewer people around and it almost
feels like a winter season here. However, I will
miss working with several people in the office who
are not moving to nights...most notably Kristan,
Nichole and Jane in the field camp cargo office,
Bill and Pete down the hall and of course, my
boss, Susie. They stay on the day shift all season.
All my other shift-mates will be making the
move to the night shift as well, including Kaska,
but it will have a different feeling. It may take
a few weeks to adjust. However, with only eight
plus weeks left in the season and the very busy
redeployment season coming up, it is sure to fly by.

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