Saturday, December 26, 2009

Night Shift Family Photo

Click on each photo to enlarge

Tonight, we took a group photo of our shift.
This includes Air Service Reps (Sadly, Kaska missed
the photo because she was off), Load Planners and
Cargo Handlers. The vehicles on the left and right
are Cargo Deltas, that carry all of the heavy freight
to and from the airfield. In the middle, is a loader,
(a VERY heavy duty forklift) which moves the cargo
from place to place and onto and off of pallets. The
first photo was our "serious" photo, where everyone
looked dignified and "professional". I'm in the red
jacket, toward the front.

The next photo was our "fun" photo where everyone
acted a little silly.

Lastly, everyone felt the need to jump! Look at
me...I must have gotten at least 3-4 inches of
hang time!

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Lynnsie said...

nice jump!