Thursday, December 17, 2009

Smoking Shack

Welcome to one of the most depressing buildings
at McMurdo. The only reason it's not the MOST
depressing building here is because there are
two others just like it! This is a Smoking Shack.
More specifically, Building 702, which sits outside
of Dorm 207. Another sits outside Dorm 209 as well
as one outside of the Southern Exposure Bar. These
were put in place a couple of years ago. Because
McMurdo is a government installation, and there can
be no smoking in any Federally owned building,
smoking was prohibited in the three dorms that
allowed it and even in the "smoking" bar. As a
compromise, the Smoking Shacks were created by
cutting up some milvans (storage containers) and
making small buildings out of them.

This is a place where, theoretically, smokers
could gather and not be out in the cold. The
only problem is, the smokers won't even use them.
For the most part, they hate them, and it's not
difficult to see why.

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