Saturday, January 02, 2010

Icestock 2010

Icestock is the traditional New Years-ish event that
takes place every year at McMurdo, featuring local
bands. Some with talent and others with, well, er,
attitude. It was held at the very inconvenient time
period for night workers of noon til 6pm. So not only
did we miss most (or all, for some) of it, we "got"
to hear it being played very loudly while we were
trying to sleep. However, I wanted to see at least
part of it, so I got out of bed at 5:00 (my morning)
and crawled out to the concert grounds. The last
group was playing (not my fav, but talented nonetheless)
and I got to catch up with friends. I found out
that the group with my friends Nathan, Tony and Sara
were playing later that evening at Gallagher's.
Inside instead of outside. I got there early, and
heard three other bands, including Phat Ass Bluegrass.
It was a nice change of pace and there were some
talented folks in the band including one playing
mandolin and one slide guitar. Made for an interesting
sound. Last up was "Stimulus Package", starring my
friends, and they didn't disappoint. Playing mostly
80's covers including some that were older than at least
half of the crowd there, they packed in the biggest
audience of the night and no one left disappointed.
Overall, I enjoyed this year's Icestock. Especially
since I got to see my favorites after all.


Benjamin said...

What happened to the old stage? That one is way smaller. Maybe the old stage was jello wrestling.

Benjamin said...

After looking at old photos, it is the same size. I just remembered people on the side of the stage making it look bigger. Mea Culpa.