Monday, January 18, 2010

McMurdo...We Have Steps!

I work in Building 140 and although there is a road
that goes by it that anyone can walk on, most people
walk up and down the "goat path". Always an "unofficial"
route to and from the building, it had become established
over the years as the main route. Having my "problem"
with going down hills (uphill is no problem), I voiced
the need for steps for years and finally this year I had
given up. I had given my last breath to the subject and
although not satisfied, I grieved in silence that the
cause was dead.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I started my way up the
hill to work and lo and behold...what was going on here???
Steps were slowly being built up the hill. At first I
thought it was just the extension of a new bridge that
was talked about, going over some pipes, leading to the
vehicles for the Shuttles department. But these steps
were going the wrong way...they were heading up! Our
department manager knew of my crusade and asked me how
I liked the steps. I was cautious because I knew not of
them and answered weakly that I thought they were ok.

Over the next two weeks, I watched the construction
progress. Up and up they went. Taking a dog leg
right, then a dog leg left. None of the steps of
course are the same as it's going up a hill that
twists and turns. Eventually it was finished! A
long time wish was granted. The funny thing is...
I had nothing to do with it. Apparently an FEMC
manager needed something for some of his idle workers
to work on and alas, the project was begun and
eventually finished. Some people were skeptical at
first but most everyone I've talked to lately is
positive. Now, if we can just get that pontoon bridge


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! It's about time. I always took the goat path up the hill, but never down because I have a fear of my body rolling down hills.


Lynn said...

I have mixed feelings. I got used to going up and down the goat path for 6 winters. I like the safety of steps but I fear they will be even more icy than the old goat path.

Benjamin said...

I was sceptical at first as well. I figured it meant one more thing that I would have to shovel this winter. However, with the speed that I fly up and down them, I am quickly becoming a convert.