Friday, February 19, 2010

Almost Time to Go

It has been very gray for over a week, and everyone that
is not wintering has either left, or is in the process of it.
Today, my friends Dave and Kelly and friend and co-worker,
Susie left. Over 160 people are now in Christchurch that
were formerly McMurdoans. There are three ATO folks
staying in McMurdo until a special flight leaves on March
5th, taking mostly Fuelies out. These folks are involved in
wrapping up the fuel lines leading to Pegasus Airfield.
Otherwise, there are 99 people leaving tomorrow. Six of
those folks will be from ATO. Amy and I will be working
our own transport and the remaining Cargo Handlers will
be loading their own plane. It has been a good season,
but we are all ready to leave "The Rock".

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