Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Now that Offload has finished for another year,
the process of Onload has begun. This involves
loading up the vessel with everything that is no
longer useful here at McMurdo. In most cases,
this involves placing cans (
containers) back onto the boat full of yummy stuff
such as recycled trash (including all of our leftovers),
equipment that no longer works, cardboard, etc. All
under the guise of Retro. This process usually takes
as long, if not longer than unloading the ship.
Unfortunately, I spoke too quickly a few days ago
about everything running smoothly. There's a small
hole in the side of the boat and divers are going to
have to repair it before it heads underway. This will
delay things by at least a day.

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Lori Murray said...

A day isn't too bad of a delay :-)