Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digging in the Dirt

It's funny that on television and in the gardening catalogs,
they make gardening look fun and easy. Ha! I wasn't
expecting it to be easy though as I grew up working in
a garden and our small garden is much smaller than the
garden I grew up with. What I don't have though is a
collection of cool tools that my Dad and Mom had for
their garden. A rototiller would certainly have been nice
today as I needed to turn the soil over in half of our small
patch. Of course, it wouldn't have been so hard if I wasn't
such an out of shape slug, but I finished it and doing it by
hand instead of using mechanical equipment kind of gave
me more satisfaction. I also spread some compost into
the soil which we had inadvertently created a couple of
years ago by piling up grass clippings in a corner of the
yard. I'll be creating some rows in a few days that will be
ready once our tomatoes, peppers and melons are ready
to plant.

On the other side of the garden, we have some garlic already
sprouting. Lynn planted it last fall as they are bulb plants and
need to sit for the winter before they sprout. There's some
grass sprouting nearby that I'll have to remove but that
shouldn't take too long with a shovel and some sweat. The
rest of this side of the garden is already furrowed from last
year and won't take a lot of effort to plant our seeds. This
side of the garden will be the location for all of our veggies
that will be grown straight from seeds, including green beans,
carrots and onions.

Lynn also planted a few flower bulbs last winter that some friends
gave her and they are doing nicely. As you can see, the weeds are
also doing well. These are going to have to be addressed. Too
bad we aren't trying to grow a healthy crop of weeds. We'd be
way ahead of the game!

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