Saturday, March 20, 2010

GJ Ink

Every week, the city of Grand Junction posts it's ten most
wanted on their website as well as in the Grand Junction
Daily Sentinel newspaper. Now here's my disclaimer:

* I don't have any tattoos but I have lots of friends that do.
This in no way make them criminals. In fact, some of the
artwork is quite interesting and beautiful * the juxt of the story...
It seems more than coincidence that most (although the
record seems to be 9 out of 10) of the ten most wanted
have tattoos or tatts. Does this mean that you are more
probable of committing a crime if you have a tattoo or
that you get tattoos after committing a crime or that the
ten most wanted just happen to have tattoos? I'm sure you
could also get statistics based on age, sex or nationality.
For instance, I've only seen one woman on the top ten, and
yes, she had a tatt. So 100% of the women shown on here
had tatts! So I guess, what it really comes down to is that
you can make up anything you want with lies, damn lies,
and statistics....Hey, that would make a good tattoo...that
and a big anchor or a ship!

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