Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Won a Bagel!

My years of gleaning thousands of bits of useless information
and storing it into my brain came to be a benefit today. Lynn
and I were out for our walk and we stopped at the new Main
Street Bagel location on the Mesa State College campus. it's
in a great location, right on North Avenue and on the first
floor of one of the new dorms that have been recently built.
Anyway, we were ordering our drinks and the barista asked
if I wanted to play their Trivia Pursuit game for a chance to
win a free bagel. Silly silly Barista! I chose the Geography
category: Q: What Middle Eastern city is the center of the
Muslim religion? A: Mecca. Duh. I've known that since
Junior High. The other barista commented that more
Americans probably know that answer though now than
they did fifteen years ago since our country has had more
of a presence in the Middle East. I shrugged my shoulders,
and then Lynn and I enjoyed our free bagel!

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