Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Seeds are Here!

We received our seeds for the garden today in the mail. If it
was as easy as just dropping them onto the ground and waiting
for them to grow...but it will be a lot of work and the end results
will be worth it. We're going to start most of these in the house
since they can't be germinated in the ground as they are (well,
they can, but are more successful this way). I also have to
get the soil ready first with some compost and set up the rows.

Territorial Seeds included in our order an extra packet of Carrot
seeds. These are for charity and we are supposed to "Plant a row
for the Hungry". When you harvest this row of carrots, you are
supposed to take them to a local soup kitchen. Sounds like a good


carrie said...

tell me more about the seed company...i love their packets and the extra packet. and i'm soooo jealous that i'm not planning a garden right now. *sigh*

Benjamin said...

I like the charity angle. That is really cool.

Unknown said...'s the Territorial Seed Company. located in Oregon. I will save the packets for you in case you can use them for something.

Lori Murray said...

That is a good idea. Maybe next year I'll try a couple different kinds of carrots. I bought some purple ones at the farmers market last summer, but they didn't have much taste.