Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toyota Recall

Last fall, before I went down to the Ice, we leased a 2010 Toyota
Corolla. We're very happy with it as it gets great gas mileage, is
sporty, affordable, and generally gets us where we want to go.
However, we were on the list of recalled vehicles due to the gas
pedal sticking problem. We took it in today and even though it
took us longer than we had originally planned (they didn't tell
us that we had a reservation to get it fixed sometime during the
day, not at 8:30 like when we thought it would be fixed), we
were happy with their service. I have no idea if they actually fixed
it or not. The only way I could tell they were in the vicinity of the
gas pedal was that the floormat was missing (we later found it in
the trunk). However, as long as you don't see me careening along
the road at 100 miles per hour, with police cars trying to slow me
down, you can assume that the problem has been solved!

1 comment:

Lynnsie said...

What problem? I find the whole Toyota situation interesting. How 'bout that government/media?