Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Colorado River

Less than 2 miles from our home flows the Colorado River.
The Colorado is the 7th longest river in the nation and one
of the major water providers for most of the southwest.
It begins high in the Rockies and when we lived in Estes
Park, we could step across it when we visited it north of
Grand Lake. Here, you can't step across it by any means
but it sure is impressive to watch it flow by, carrying
millions of gallons of water with it. Much of the west
worries about having enough water, but as long as the
Colorado continues to flow, we should be ok here in Grand
Junction. For years, the riverfront was neglected throughout
the Grand Valley. In the last few decades however, a group
of local conservators and business people have teamed
together to bring nature back to the riverfront. Now there
are miles of trails, parks and recreation facilities. Their
dream is to convert the entire riverfront in Mesa County
to parkland. No small task, but definitely a plan worth

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