Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reeder Mesa

Just south of Grand Junction, and just south of the tiny town
of Whitewater, we took a turn east off of US 50 onto Reeder
Mesa Road. It was pretty amazing how many houses have
been built up in this area, but aren't visible from the highway!
However, if you want to have a bunch of trees in your yard,
or for that matter, a yard at all, this is not the place for it!

Much of the ground looks just like this.

There are lots of barren-looking hills that have a stark beauty
to them. We kept driving east, toward the Grand Mesa, and by
the time we reached the top of Reeder Mesa, it was a totally
different scene. We drove through lots of hayfields and even
drove by a winery. We came to a way continuing
on to Lands End on the Grand Mesa and the other back to
Highway 50. We chose the latter, saving the trip up Lands
End Road for another day.


Benjamin said...

Tatoonine, never looked like a foreign planet to me.

Unknown said...

me neither