Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cabela's is Open!

Today was a big deal for shoppers in Grand Junction. Our very
own Cabela's opened. It's the first in the State of Colorado and
the next closest store within 250 miles. For those that have never
been to a Cabela's, it's a retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and
related outdoor recreation merchandise. I've only been to the
store in Sidney, Nebraska. Lynn calls it the "Man Store" and we
went there every time we visited Brown Sheep Wool in the nearby
town of Mitchell. Now we're about 3 miles away from our own
store. We looked at the fishing equipment and we need to buy
some fishing supplies, but decided to wait until next week when
it's sure to be not as crowded.

The store was definitely crowded this evening, as there were all
kinds of folks checking out the new store. It's a prototype of sorts
for Cabela's, as it's the first store that isn't freestanding. Our
store is in the Mesa Mall and is in the location of the old Mervyn's
store. You could hardly tell though as it's been completely
remodeled and looks very different than a department store.
There were lots of contests going on and of course we filled
our names on entries many times. I'm sure that will result in
our name being placed on way too many mailing lists, but it's
worth a shot to try to win a prize.

Of course besides thehuge selection of outdoor goods, every
Cabela's has a large amount of taxidermy. I especially liked this
Bighorn Sheep. I'm looking forward to going back when it's not
so crowded but it's nice to know we have a store this nice only
a few miles away instead of a state away.

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