Friday, May 28, 2010

The Circus is in Town

The Shrine Circus is in town and there will be two shows
a day for the next two days. I've never been to the circus.
I was supposed to go to the Shrine Circus in Elementary
School, but as luck would have it, I got the measles and
wasn't able to go. A couple years later, our class was
scheduled to tour nearby Bethlehem Steel. Naturally, I
came down with the chicken pox. For some reason, class
outings and I didn't seem to mix. We aren't going to be
going to the circus here this time either as we might be
going to Circus Circus in Las Vegas next week.

Just for fun, we drove over to the fairgrounds and expected
to see the bigtop tent. I was a little disappointed though
since their wasn't any bigtop. There were three rings, lots
of acrobatic equipment, trapezes, etc., but no tent. I guess
this particular circus just uses local grandstands like ours
and since we don't get much rain, it doesn't really need a
tent. I hope folks attending get a good show and I took a
few photos and escaped without coming down with the

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Anonymous said...

I love the Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Make sure to stay in the West tower. It is newly renovated and has flat screen tv's in each room. The bathrooms have cultured marble in the tubs. People give the Circus Circus bad reviews but mostly they are in the motor court. There is a walkway connector between the garage and the hotel shopping area (promenade level) on the garage 3rd floor.
Nice for getting my computer rig
to the elevators using a dolly.

Also the breakfast buffet is a good buy for the money.

Safe trip,
Norfolk VA....soon to move to Vegas.