Sunday, May 16, 2010

Exploring Hovenweep

We had a great night of sleep and we are actually getting really
good at breaking down camp. Who the end of the summer
we might actually be able to wrap it all up in a half hour! We made
our way over to the Visitor's Center where the main trail surrounding
the ruins at Hovenweep begins. Hovenweep was a small community
of farmers and hunters located around a small canyon. From the
trail, one can see most of the dwellings and they are all pretty
spectacular. Add to the fact that hardly anyone was here besides
us, made it even better.

The ruins here are in average condition, but to me, that helps give
one a feeling of how they looked when they were first discovered.

We left the Square Tower group near the Visitor's Center and drove
toward the Holly/Hackberry Group. Even fewer people visit this
remote area and it is located a short drive down a dirt road to the
northeast. We hiked in over some really interesting slick rock
to the Holly Group and there it was with a commanding view of the

Indian Paintbrush is one of my favorite flowers and they were here in
abundance as well as many other varieties.

We saw all kinds of lizards along the trail, but this yellow-headed
collared lizard did a wonderful job of posing for us.

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shooskua said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip. Great photos and the spring flowers are so pretty!