Saturday, May 15, 2010

Farmington Public Library

Back in 2006, we almost moved to Farmington, New Mexico
just because of this library. We decided that although a good
library is a contributing factor on where to live, it shouldn't
be the only factor. As a result, we decided that
Grand Junction was a better option. However, we visit the
library in Farmington every time we're in the area and
even if the book selection was lousy (it isn't...Lynn says that it
has the best fiber arts collection she's seen), it would be worth
visiting just for the architecture. It was designed by Hidell &
Associates Architects in 2003 and takes into account the local
Navajo heritage by being built in the shape of a kiva. The building
is round and all sections spoke from the center, like a wheel.
It even has markings on the floor marking the summer and
winter solstices, when light will shine in from the ceiling at
these particular times. It's a fantastic library and the people
of Farmington are lucky to have it.

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Jude said...

Here's your friendly nitpicker. A kiva shape would indicate Hopi. A hogan shape would indicate Navajo.