Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flight 191

31 years ago today, I had just come home from school..
(For some reason, we went to school later in the month
back then) On television, came the news that an American
Airlines jet carrying 271 passengers and crew had crashed
after takeoff, killing all persons on board and two people
on the ground. An engine fell off the wing at takeoff and
the plane was never able to recover. For days, that's all we
saw on the television and in the newspapers. Way before the
days of digital cameras and camera phones, a person in the
parking lot snapped a quick, now famous, photo of the
plane just before the crash that is really haunting. I did
some research and there have been four commercial flights
in history with the designation Flight 191 that have crashed,
all with major losses of life. Probably just a coincidence, but
it would make me have second thoughts about catching a
flight listed as Flight 191. Every May 25th I still think of
the passengers, their families and friends. May they rest
in peace.

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