Saturday, May 01, 2010

Uno de Mayo

Photo by Gretel Daugherty and Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

We were downtown today and noticed that there was a large
get together in the parking lot between Main Street and
Colorado Avenue. We discovered that it was a Cinco de
Mayo party! Everyone looked like they were having a good
time. We didn't stay, but it struck me that people of all
nationalities and ethnic makeup were just enjoying the
atmosphere and each other and not worrying or focusing
on the controversial Arizona law that has just been passed.
This didn't seem to be so in other communities on Saturday.
There were no signs, protesters or anyone seemingly
upset about anything. At least not while we walked through
the area. This is one of the things I like so much about
Grand Junction. People are just very friendly and for the
most part easy going...and it really doesn't matter what
country your heritage is from. Nice people are nice people
and we really should all just get along.

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