Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vintage Motorcycle Day

This afternoon, we attended the Western Colorado Vintage
Motorcycle Riders Vintage Motorcycle Display at the Gateway
Canyons Resort, about an hour southwest of Grand Junction.
I don't know anything about motorcycles, but our friends, Judey
and Jim suggested we go to see all of the old bikes. Plus, the
Gateway Canyons Resort is in a beautiful area along the
Dolores River that reminds us a bit of Sedona Arizona.

There was a contest amongst the bike owners regarding the
best bikes there. We didn't vote, but it was apparent that
most of the owners had put a lot of work into their "toys".

Afterwards, we made the short drive to where Judey and Jim were
camping and we visited for a few hours. The campsite was really
peaceful and the view of the canyons and Dolores River were
impressive. Later in the evening, we looked at the Moon through
their new binoculars. They were really powerful and we could even
seen the craters and some mountains on the surface. A great ending
to a really nice day.

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