Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't Forget Your Bag

I had to make a return trip to Target this morning. Not because
I like shopping there so much, but because we shopped there
on Monday and forgot a bag containing 1/3 or the items that
we purchased. It was either that, or the cashier that was trying
to count back the change correctly failed to give us all of our
bags in her flustered state.
We could have avoided all of this if we had only taken our own
bags in like we usually do. If we use our own bags, it forces us
to remember to pick them up when we leave. So far, only one
of the places we shop (Vitamin Cottage) doesn't give you the
option of using plastic bags upon check out. You have to either
use cardboard boxes they provide, or bring your own shopping
bag. The act of bringing your own bags is getting more and more
popular. Every time I see countless bags blowing across a highway,
I'm reminded that we're doing the right thing by providing our own.
I still think it's a good idea that stores provide the bags, but over
time, it might become second nature to provide your own. If
that happens, we won't have to go back to the store when we've
forgotten to bring home what we've purchased!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

We still need plastic bags for the kitty litter so SOMETIMES it's ok. Unless someone has a better idea?