Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Einsten Bros. Bagels Opens

Lynn and I stopped in today at Einstein Bros. Bagels, which this
morning, opened it's first location on the Western Slope here in
Grand Junction. Now the only things we're missing is a minor
league baseball team a Whole Foods and of course, an In-N-Out

They ran a special this morning. The first 100 customers
would receive one free breakfast sandwich per week for one year.
But...since they opened at 5:30am, there was no chance we were
going to be there, and since we're out of town half the year, it
wouldn't be fair to others that are here year round.

First and foremost, this won't preclude us from going to Main St.
Bagels, which is a local favorite. We enjoyed Einstein Bros. before
we moved here and we still enjoy their bagels. Today, we
each had a great bagel, a really good americano and bought
some bagels to take home. On the way out, we were greeted by
the owner, John Cassity. He seemed like a really pleasant guy. He
and his wife recently moved to western Colorado and loved to eat
at Einstein Bros. Because there weren't any locations here, he bought
the franchise rights from Colorado's mountains, west to southern
Utah. Grand Junction is his first location, with five more to open in
the next four years. I've read that he used 27 local contractors to
open the store, which is good for the local economy.

Welcome Einstein Bros. Bagels. We're looking forward to being

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Benjamin said...

Way to make me salivate Tom. I will always support Main Street Bagels first, but I love Einstein too. Nice to see.