Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm one of those people who has probably planned more
trips than I've actually taken. To me, it's part of the fun.
Planning, thinking about things to do, places to see, people
to meet. So now, I'm planning a trip that we're thinking of
taking next Spring. We want to go visit our friend Dani, who
is teaching in Croatia. After that though, we're really
interested in visiting Egypt and Israel, with a side trip to
Petra in Jordan. Africa is the only continent we haven't
visited, so Egypt, being a place we'd really like to see
fills that last location nicely. Plus, Israel should be a
destination most people would want to visit and since I'm
a fan of history and archaeology, it should be a lot of fun.
Next Spring is still a long way away, but this is the plan...
for now.


Benjamin said...

We can talk about all about Israel when I get back down there. That was my first international trip and I still look back at it with a lot of fondness.

Brody said...

Heading there via the long road starting tomorrow. Ask if you want some input or want me to check something out. -Brody

Unknown said...

That's awesome Brody. I'd love to see your itinerary and share thoughts about what to see/visit.

Unknown said...

Tom, I know this area of the world very well. Let me know if you want my favorites :) rsf

Unknown said...

Thanks Rebecca..I would love to know your favs!