Saturday, June 05, 2010

Vintage Larry

While we were in Las Vegas, we stopped at a vintage clothing
store called The Attic. Lots of 70's clothes, wigs, boas, stuff
like that. Lynn tried on a couple of wigs and boas and looked
all glamorous for the camera. However, in the very balmy
upstairs (their air conditioner wasn't working), I found this
AWESOME Larry Bird basketball jersey. I SAW LARRY BIRD
PLAY IN A JERSEY JUST LIKE THIS during the 1976-77 season
when Indiana State visited Valparaiso. We were regular
Valpo U attendees at old Hilltop Gym so it was a pretty big
deal when someone of his caliber came to town. Later, he
would become one of my Dad's favorite players when Bird
played for the Boston Celtics. (Happy Birthday tomorrow
Dad...I know you're still reading my blog!)
Anyway, on a total impulse purchase, I bought it (it was
fairly reasonable), and it actually fits me! However, I doubt
it will ever make me play basketball as well as Larry Bird!

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