Saturday, July 24, 2010

At The Fair

It's not the biggest or fanciest fair around, but the Mesa County Fair
is just the right size to spend a couple of hours getting to see the
agricultural side of the Western Slope. I don't think we would have
wanted to spend much more time than we did at the fair since at
5pm it was still 102 degrees outside.

Lynn even got to ride a horse! Well, not a real horse, but about as
close to riding as we wanted to get.

To add a few more exhibits to accompany the 4H entries, local
adults can enter their projects. Two of the largest sets of entries
are the quilts and knitting projects. Of course, Lynn gave an extra
long look at all of the knitting projects, feeling inspired to maybe
enter something of hers next year. I'm sure she'll talk about them
more on her blog.

One of my favorite parts of the fair is looking at all of the different
animals. The livestock barns were pretty warm, but we managed
to check out the goats and the sheep.

Of course, what fair is complete without taking in at least one
guilty pleasure? My guilt of choice is usually a corn dog! This
beauty started out at a foot long and only survived long enough
for me to get a quick photo of it!

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