Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back On The Bike

A long time ago and in a galaxy far far away, I used to scare the
crap out of my parents by going on long long bike rides. I was
single and living in the western Chicago burbs and I would go
out for hours on end on trails, off-road and through forest
riding my bike. This was pre-cell phone days and
because my mother is a natural worrier (a trait I have inherited),
she would worry about me going on these rides, getting hit on
the head, lying in a ditch somewhere or even worse...Waking
Up Dead! Many years have now gone by. I've gotten out of
the habit of riding my bike and unfortunately my waistline
probably reveals this! I've missed riding my bike, so I decided
to start riding again. I just got back from getting my bike back
from The Board and Buckle Ski and Cyclery where we got tune-ups
on both of our bikes, so we can ride them for the rest of the
summer. I thought that the mechanic at the shop was almost
in tears as Lynn's bike went out the door. It turns out it's
practically an antique and because it's in such good shape,
he loved working on it. Not bad for a $40 bike we bought on
Craigslist. When we got home, I took mine for a spin of only
a mile or so, but it was great. Felt like old times. But now
I'll let someone know if I'm going to be gone for hours on end
and not in a ditch somewhere!

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