Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Catching Up With Chin

A few weeks ago, I re-connected with my good friend from
Purdue, Sungchin. It's pretty amazing how you can lose track
of friends over the years and with just a few emails, it's like
you just talked yesterday. It's a comfort thing I guess. Anyway,
Chin and his family are now living in Shanghai China where
Chin is an engineer with a joint venture automotive company
called Shanghai General Motors. He tells me that the language
barrier can sometimes be difficult, but most of the engineers
he works with speak English. Chin always made me laugh and
now is no exception. He said he was hesitant to go to China
because he had a vision of everyone wearing Chairman Mao
clothing and carrying little red books! It turns out, it couldn't
be further from the truth, as Shanghai is probably the most
capitalist place he has ever seen with everyone trying to become
wealthy, buying luxury clothes and cars. They also keep building
more and more new skyscrapers every year. I'm glad I re-connected
with Chin. I'm looking forward to chatting more in the future!

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