Thursday, July 08, 2010

George Rogers Clark

While growing up in Indiana, we took "Indiana History" in
elementary school. One of my heroes was George Rogers
. Besides being the older brother of the more famous
William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame), he led Colonial
Militiamen to capture Vincennes (Fort Sackville) and secure
the west for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.
This eventually led to the land that would later become
Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of
Minnesota to be ceded to the newly formed United States
(The Northwest Territory) at the end of the war. In later
years, he founded the City of Louisville, Kentucky.

What I didn't know until today, (and am ashamed as a
native Hoosier and Vexillologist) is that his expedition had
a flag. His troops carried it on their campaign to capture
Vincennes. Why I didn't know this, I have no idea!

According to Wikipedia: "... the 13-striped, red and green
banner is the only banner historically documented, and
was one of the first “American Flags” flown in the modern
State of Indiana. The pattern has been flown by Indiana
National Guard
units deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
A red and green flag is still flown at the George Rogers
Clark National Historic Park

I know...unless you're from Indiana, a Vexillologist, or a
student of the Revolutionary War, none of this really matters
to you, but I think that more less-known historic figures like
George Rogers Clark should get more attention.

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