Saturday, July 31, 2010


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We did something rare this week and went to the movies. Between
Netflix, Cable and the Library, we don't feel the need to shell out
$8.50 for a matinee very often, but we go about once a month, just
to see movies that have been hyped or are supposed to be very good
and we can't wait to see them at home. We went to see the movie,
Inception. We both thought it was very good and I really enjoyed the
twists and turns. It was also a movie that made you think. In a way,
I'm surprised it's done so well for that very reason. Most folks go to
the movies to escape. They don't want to be challenged or made to
think too much. As a result, the buzz about Inception is that it is
confusing to many. Made perfect sense to me and I'll leave that as
it is without further comment.


shooskua said...

Antz and I liked Inception too. Made sense to us as well. I'm such a motorhead though. I was more excited about the camouflage Mattrack Hummer than I was what was happening in that scene, ha ha.

Ah perfect visual with your post. Clever clever man you.

Benjamin said...

So, since you have a cartoon where someone is waking from a dream, am I too assume that there is a dream theme in the movie?

Unknown said...

Yes Ben...I won't give away any more than that, but I think you will enjoy the film.