Saturday, July 03, 2010


When I updated my blog, using the newer Blogger format,
it opened up a lot of new possibilities to get creative, as well
as market the blog to new readers. One of those changes
is the use of Labels. These are key words that describe the
content of the blog entry and make it easier for readers using
search engines to find content. For example, if someone is
looking for blogs the contain the word "C-17", they can find
my blog more easily now that I've inserted these labels. Those
that read my blog on a regular basis or just happen to visit
can also use the labels by clicking on the label list on the right
hand side of my blog and pull up every entry I've posted with
the word "C-17" or any other word listed on the label list.
Now, the hard part...I have to go to all 1400 or so entries and
insert labels. This may take a while...

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