Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva España!

For the first time since June 20th, 1993, I raised my voice while watching
a sporting event on television! On that date, Chicago Bulls guard, John
hit a late three point shot to give the Bulls the NBA championship
over the Phoenix Suns at America West Arena in Phoenix. Me? I was on
my couch in Naperville, Illinois watching the game. It was one of those
moments that makes a sports fan jubuliant and yell out with excitement.
17 years later, I'm not much of a sports fan, but today I let out that same
yell, as Andres Iniesta scored late in extra time of the FIFA World Cup
final to give Spain it's first title. I'm far from a expert of soccer (football),
but it was exciting as the team I was rooting for in the game (my favorites
going into the tournament were the USA and New Zealand) came away with
a win in a game who's outcome was far from certain. Exciting...yes. A major
milestone in my I reserve that moment for when the Chicago Cubs
win the World Series. Hopefully I'll still be young enough to get off the couch
to yell and be excited!


Nancy McCarroll said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tom. You must be the spouse of my friend, M?

You definitely must have an interesting life; your travels are a phenom!

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,

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Jerusalem tours said...

Hi Tom! Congrats for your blog!

I have to comment that post because I'm spanish and unfortunately I was not in spain enjoying the game and later victory of my national team. I was in Jerusalem due to work requirements and guess what, I celebrate the World Cup Title surrounded by muslims, jewish, catholic and christian people who didn't know anything about football!

Can you believe it? Actually was funny and a curious history to tell to your childs...