Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brown Sheep Wool

Our primary destination, and one of Lynn's favorite places in the
world is Brown Sheep Company, in Mitchell Nebraska. One
definitely has to want to be going there as it's not exactly on the
beaten path. However, we're old hands at visiting so even though
my eyes weren't closed, our car pretty much got their by itself!

At their small retail store, which is adjacent to their factory, they
sell skeins of yarn at really reasonable prices. A few years ago, we
received a tour of the factory and got to see the entire process,
all the way from sorting the raw wool, to processing on huge machines,
to dyeing and packaging.

We've been coming here for over ten years and Lynn has gotten
to know the vice president Peggy, who knows us as her Antarctic
customers! Lynn enjoyed spending some time with Peggy this visit,
and Peggy joked about all of the Antarctic business they receive
because of Lynn! The store has changed quite a bit over this time and
has become more of a full-fledged store, instead of just a place for their
"seconds". It supplies any need that a knitter could possibly have.

Surprisingly, they have more yarn than Lynn has...but
just barely!

A new (to us) store Manager, Donna, has done really nice things to
the store and has even helped organize a Fiber Fair in Scottsbluff
to help promote the wool. Of course Lynn walked away with a few
purchases and has now added to her "Wall of Yarn".

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