Friday, September 24, 2010

Back on The Ice

I only got to spend my minimum two days in Christchurch, as the
weather cooperated and we took off on time yesterday morning,
headed south. Because we were flying on the Airbus (operated by
the Australian Antarctic Programme), there are window seats and it
is actually quite comfortable. I got a window seat and was able
to get some fun photos on the way of Mount Erebus and the ice
surrounding Ross Island.

I was surprised to see how much the Ice was broken up past Cape
Royds. I might be wrong, but there usually doesn't seem to be
this much open water, this early in the season.

This is it. Home for the next five months. If you think it looks
bleak and depressing...that's because it is!

As I was walking toward the Terrabus, which would transport us into
town, I snapped this photo of the Airbus.


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Pablo from Argentina

Gary said...

Hi Tom.
Always been an ambition of mine to get to Antarctica somehow. I guess being a gardener and not wealthy doesn't help though. A great blog, thanks!

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