Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Leaving the RPSC office today at noon, I've started my 31 hour journey to
Christchurch. Only 17 of those hours will actually be in the air, leaving
14 hours to sit and wait in airports. Fortunately, I get the longest of those
waits over with first in Denver, which has free Wi-Fi. After this, I get to
spend 3 hours in my least favorite airport in the world in Los Angeles and
after a 12+ hour flight across the Pacific, I wait for three more hours in
Auckland. All part of the process though, and I've learned to take most
of it in stride. For the most part, it's fun to people watch, seeing folks who
either travel many times more than me, or some that never travel at all.
Those are the ones that look like deer in the headlights! Thinking about
the long time and distance I have left, does not make it go by any faster,
so I wait.

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