Friday, September 17, 2010

Time to Fly

I started my latest flight to the far south today. Leslie and Gina were nice
enough to take me to the airport. Instead of being able to make a short
55 minute flight to Denver, I had to fly all the way to Dallas and then to
Denver. I had a rare window seat and took lots of fun photos of the leaves
turning over the San Juan Mountains and all kinds of crop circles! After a
three hour layover in Dallas, I was pleasantly upgraded to a First Class Seat
for the two hour flight. What amazed me was when we received a meal
(which in itself is amazing on a domestic flight these days), we were given
a real knife and fork...made of metal! As my friend Ben later said on
Facebook, "So I guess the way to attack
the plane would be to check your box-cutter at the gate, but get first
class seats. Because no one ever hijacks a plane from first class. Hijackers
fly coach."
I thought the exact same thing. Oddly, they didn't
give us a spoon. Is the spoon the new weapon of choice for terrorists?
Anyway, the day was about three times longer than it needed to be, but
it was uneventful and I picked up about 1200 Frequent Flyer miles instead
of 250. That's a good thing!

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