Saturday, October 30, 2010

Helicopter Crash in Terre Adélie

Base Dumont d'Urville

The following is the most recent press release from
Institut Polaire Français

"Following the release yesterday of the beacon
from one of two helicopters flying from the
Astrolabe and Dumont d'Urville in Terre Adélie,
overflights could be made today by aircraft
from the U.S. Air Force and the RAAF (Royal
Australian Air Force). The devices report that
they have found debris scattered over 150 meters,
which would indicate, according to the two crews,
a significant impact with the ground. The C17
U.S. has now returned to Christchurch (New Zealand).
AP3 The Australian dropped survival equipment near
the wreckage. It reports the observation of three
bodies in the impact zone. The visibility is very
limited due to snow, the second helicopter, based
on this Dumont d'Urville to a hundred kilometers
from the accident site, was unable to travel to the
position located by aerial reconnaissance. There
should be a weather window compatible with the theft
of this unit tomorrow morning. For its part, the RCC
Australia, responsible for relief operations in the
area, asked the Astrolabe to continue to move towards
this position despite the difficult conditions of
navigation in ice. Similarly, the Aurora Australis
icebreaker from the Australian Antarctic Division,
traveled to the area".

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