Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tomorrow is a HUGE Day!

A couple of days ago, Lynn and I received a phone call at
work. it was from Michelle, who works at the Chalet. She was
letting us know that both of us had been chosen for this year's
Santa Trip. This is a HUGE deal. Only six people get to take
this trip all season and Lynn and i would be two of the chosen.
Sure, lots of folks get to go to assorted places all over the
continent, but we get to go to seven...SEVEN places, all in one
day...and by HELICOPTER! These seven places are:

Black Island
Lake Fryxell
Lake Hoare
Taylor Glacier
Marble Point
Cape Royds

We get to wear Santa hats and take presents, mail and treats to
the folks who are out at these locations. Each of them hosts a
scientific camp. They are all accessible by taking a helicopter.
Four of these locations are in the Dry Valleys! When I came down
this year, there were two places I wanted to go before I stop coming
down here...The Dry Valleys and Cape Royds. Now it looks like I
get to go to both...in one day...with Lynn! If you can't tell, I can't
wait for this trip. We'll be gone about 8 hours. it should be the
trip of a lifetime!


Brody said...

This is incredible. I am really excited for you two. You guys deserve it. You are probably some of the two highest with Ice time who have not been that many places. That is the problem with wintering :-)

ps. It looks like Christy Lappengard is on your Santa flight too. Please tell her I say hello.

Jude said...

Congratulations on getting to make this trip. This sounds so cool. It's *raining* for the 3rd day in Rifle, Colorado. What's up with that? At least there's snow on the mountains around us. Have fun playing Santa.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful for you two! Getting to go together is outstanding! Safe travels to the both of you! -Erika & Pete