Thursday, February 17, 2011

Open Water

We have a phenomenon here this season called
"Open Water". Although McMurdo is located on the
shores of McMurdo Sound (which is the southernmost
place on Earth that a ship can be sailed), we rarely
see more than a few acres of open water. McMurdo
Sound is usually covered by an ice sheet. This same
ice sheet makes it easy to travel around on trucks,
snow machines, etc. However, this season, more and
more ice has blown out and many square miles of water
are visible. In fact, a sailboat was seen just north
of here earlier in the week! No one knows who it
belonged to, but it didn't sail all the way here, even
though it could have. I hope even more ice finds its
way north of here. Call me greedy, but it would be
wonderful to see!

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