Monday, February 28, 2011

The Powell Recovery Center

I arrived in Christchurch and was lucky enough to be met at the Clothing
Distribution Centre by our friends, Christine and Antz. They live in Southshore,
on the beach, and have been nice enough to take in Lynn and our friend,
Kaska for the past few nights. When we drove from the airport area to their
house, I could see a lot of damage, but we weren't able to drive into the
Central Business District where much of the major damage occurred. They
have a beautiful cozy house a block from the beach. I visited here last year
and they're wonderful hosts.

Antz is essentially an electronic genius! Even though the house had no
running water or electricity due to the earthquake, Antz was able to hook
up the generator, phone service and even internet. I'm pretty sure that
no one else in the neighborhood had these luxuries.

I was very impressed with the City of Christchurch's and New Zealand's
ability to make things work. Even though the power was still out, porta potties
were placed on every other block, giving at least a small bit of comfort to
the residents. In general, the folks in New Zealand are keeping a Stiff Upper
Lip and are struggling through this.

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