Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Vessel's In Town

The BBC EMS arrived in town a couple of days ago
and is already pretty close to done offloading its
cargo for McMurdo and South Pole. The cargo vessel
brings supplies that will last us for a year, until
next year's vessel arrives. And a huge, diverse
list of supplies it is! Everything from chicken
nuggets to huge vehicle tires. You can pretty much
name it and it will be on the vessel. The beauty of
the supply vessel is that it also takes items away,
including most of our recycled trash, old vehicles,
etc. In the old days, many of these items were
either just thrown into Winter Quarters Bay (where
the ship is now moored) or taken out to the ice
shelf, where they would fall in when things started
to melt. As a result, Winter Quarters Bay is now
one of the most poluted waterways in the world!
At least now there is a concerted effort to make
sure things are recycled and kept clean.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So about how many boxes does it take down and how many does it bring back? And then how much gets put on and taken off in New Zealand? How much goes all the way back to the States?

On the way out they stopped in Lyttelton for a day and that must have been to load, although maybe they did some bunkers as well.