Friday, March 04, 2011

Bothwell International Spin-In

Almost by accident, we attended the Bothwell International
Spin-In, located in the Central Highlands. I saw an advertisement
for it on television and then saw signs advertising it in Hobart. We
didn't have much planned for this afternoon, so we made the scenic
90 minute drive through the Central Highlands and found ourselves
in the tiny town of Bothwell.

The Spin-In was dedicated mostly to what else...spinning. However,
this was what Lynn really came for! There were also sheep and
alpaca exhibits, weaving, knitting and other fiber arts.

Lots of displays were dedicated to finished knitted products and
there were several speakers as well as several tents and many booths
with artists selling their wares.

The Spin-In was held at the local elementary school which was
adjacent to the community swimming pool. I got a kick out of this

When we started back to our car, we ran across these nice folks who were
very excited to show us their knitware!

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