Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Colorado National Monument

We can see it from our back window, but nothing beats making the
drive through Colorado National Monument. On May 21st, it will
be celebrating it's 100th Anniversary as a National Monument and
we feel very fortunate that we're within a few minutes drive to visit.
Today was no exception, as the weather was beautiful and from
Rim Rock Drive, you could see for many many miles. Independence
Monument (in the photo) actually had climbers on the top and I
was kicking myself for not having my better camera to get photos
of them. Alas, the camera on my phone had to suffice. Climbing
this large spire of sandstone is no small feat since it rises upwards
of 450 feet from the canyon floor. No, I have no plans of doing this.
I'm lucky I can climb 4.5 feet, let alone 450 feet! We continued the
rest of our drive though Glade Park and enjoyed the nice weather.
It looks like Spring might finally be on it's way.


Benjamin said...

I have a bunch of friends who climbed Independence. I never got around to it. Most of the climb is relatively easy. The hardest part of the climb is, of course, at the top and you have to pull the move with a complete exposure which has a tendency to sketch out the mind a bit.

ewa buddy said...

wow..i just started to learn climbing.really enjoy doing this activity hope one day i can go there..

news said...

well done

aljellejay-r said...

I haven't tired to go there yet, but I think it is a nice place.
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