Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glenwood Hot Springs

Glenwood Springs is about 90 minutes east of our house and it's one
of our favorite places in the area to visit. We don't get to visit as often
as we'd like, but we've been looking forward to soaking in the hot springs
for several months now. Leslie and Gina went with us and we spent most
of the afternoon just taking in the hot water and steamy goodness! The
water in the large pool averages around 90 degrees and is comfortable,
but the therapy pool which is smaller, but still much bigger than a backyard
pool, averages about 105 degrees and feels awesome! Glenwood is more
in the mountains than Grand Junction and the altitude is a bit higher.
Therefore, winter hangs on a bit longer here. Mother Nature reminded us
of that as it started to snow really heavily and the wind was blowing very
hard. It made the water feel that much better!

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