Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I have officially entered the 21st Century! Lynn lost her cell phone
in the earthquake and my phone was about 10 years old and pretty
much unusable. We bit the bullet and went down to the AT&T store.
Yes, we've heard that Verizon has much better range and coverage,
but we've never been thrilled with the lack of customer service we've
received from them and many of our friends have told us they feel
the same. Anyway, we walked into the store and were immediately
treated really nicely. They were running a special on iPhones since
they are in the process of introducing a new model and are trying
to get rid of these. I can't really tell much of a difference, and
considering the newest version was about $300 more each!!!...
I'm glad we chose what we did. It has most of the bells and
whistles and to be honest, that's what I'll use mine for anyway,
since I'm not much of a phone person. Lynn, on the other hand,
will probably use hers more than I will to talk to others, but she's
not on the phone that much either. Regardless, we are now in the
correct century and are able to communicate with pretty much anyone
else in the world via cell phones...except Antarctica, which doesn't
have cell coverage!

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Anonymous said...

Antarctica has cell phone coverage but not for everyone. It's just like the wireless computer coverage there. It's all about who you know.