Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Little Pieces of Borders

Photo courtesy Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our local Borders Bookstore is
closing for good as part of the company/nationwide debt consolidation.
200 stores are closing, and unfortunately our store is one of them.

During our flood, we lost several pieces of furniture, including a chair,
a couch and bookcases. Because Borders is closing, they're selling
everything. Not only Books, CDs, DVDs, but the furnishings of the
store as well. When we visited the store, we picked up a couple of
really nice chairs from their Cafe that match our other furniture
very well.

We're really big fans of books of course, and it seems like we
never have enough bookshelf space. Since we lost a couple of
bookcases in the flood, we were thrilled that the store was selling
all of the bookcases in the store. We were able to purchase four
really tall cases that will fit perfectly floor to ceiling in our house.
Now we'll have room for our expanding library for years to come!


Benjamin said...

You could always tell that Borders cared more about having your book in stock because their bookcases were always taller. You go in to a b & n and all you see are four foot tall bookcases.

Unknown said...

Oh Ben....

news said...

thank you very much for doing great job