Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lynn and I are huge fans of IKEA. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately
for our budget) our closest IKEA is in Salt Lake City, which is about four
hours from our house. We feel they have quality products at reasonable
prices. Since our house was built in 1946, it sometimes lacks some of
the modern conveniences that today's homes are built with. We try to
rectify that by making subtle upgrades. We decided we needed extra
cabinet space in our kitchen and specifically went last month to SLC to
buy this cabinet...The VÄRDE.

Now, anyone that has ever purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA knows
that they aren't always the easiest things to assemble. Oh, sure, there are
plenty of instructions...pages of them. However, the instructions go on and
on and since IKEA and it's products are located in dozens of countries around
the world, none of the instructions have written instructions. Only pictures of
little people happily constructing said product. I cracked up when I found
this photo of how Stonehenge would have been constructed if IKEA had anything
to do with it.

Pretty much the only writing in the whole instruction "textbook" lists a warning in
multiple languages about the ability or to attach items to a wall. If this isn't
"greek" enough to the person putting the furniture together, this warning also
comes in "Greek"!!!

Not exactly having a great track record of peacefully putting constructible items
together, there was no way Lynn and I were going to be able to get the VÄRDE
together without killing each other! Leslie came to the rescue on Mother's Day
and helped Lynn put it all together. I stayed out of the way and organized books
downstairs. (COWARD!) The few times I came upstairs, there wasn't any blood on
the floor and they weren't chasing each other around the room with rabid looks on
their eyes and knives in their hands. In the end, this is the finished product! it
looks great and fits well in our kitchen. Now, if we can just figure out where we're
going to fit Stonehenge!

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